New Teaching Learning Materials

New Teaching Learning Materials

Scope for teachers to experiment and prepare new teaching-learning materials

Most teacher-educators with flair and passion for teaching experience and realize the limitation of textbooks when innovative and out-of-the-box classroom exposures are to be provided to the students. Inadvertently they begin preparing and using their own teaching-learning materials and approaches. Our school invites teachers to be in this innovative and creative mode. It supports and nurtures teachers to go deeper into aspects of curriculum development and preparing and using their own teaching learning materials. We intend to provide the following options to teachers with reference to the teaching materials they can use for their classes

→ One could begin with a textbook and prepare material to supplement it.

→ One could photocopy and use the earlier material (prepared by others or oneself) for classroom teaching.

→ One could prepare material based on the earlier material and use them for teaching.

→ One could ignore the earlier material and prepare materials afresh.

→ One could conduct classes spontaneously, dynamically and sensitively without referring to any materials in the classroom. This approach is adopted by only a few teachers, those with long experience and with a flair for teaching. Such teachers only make appropriate material available to the students for later revision.

→ One could recommend and use a textbook if one is comfortable that way

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