OIS offers Nursery, Jr.KG and Sr.KG Our curriculum has a child-centered and activity-based approach. A wide spectrum of training is given to the children covering cognitive, reading and writing skills. They are taught through the play-way method and the process of learning is full of fun


Middle School

In the Middle School years, self-reliance in learning becomes an important aim. The curriculum incorporates a third language (Sanskrit / Marathi / German), Social Studies and Science in addition to the subjects taught earlier. Attention is given to the requisite level in each subject by defining standards. Collaborated learning is a regular feature at this stage, as children learn to work together, as well as independently. Children learn to set goals and have long term objectives. Responsible and upright behavior is an expression of the school culture.



The knowledge and skills gained during the Middle School years equip students with a firm academic foundation to pursue a variety of educational options in the future. Throughout the curriculum, students are presented with opportunities to research, solve problems and come to their own conclusions and make decisions.


Senior Secondary

The students in the Senior Secondary become more specialized in academics and focused on their eventual career choices. OIS will offer a range of specialized subjects to equip students for higher education & the professional world.



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